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Transportation Mission Statement

  • To provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation services for Mediapolis School District students.
  • To maintain assigned District vehicles at the highest possible operating standard.
  • To provide competent, well trained drivers who act as positive adult role models by encouraging student learning and maintaining student discipline in a safe inviting manner.
  • To accomplish our mission, employees of the Transportation Department will provide “A Vital Link to Learning,” by assuring the cost-effective use of human and material resources in a professional caring environment.

Motto: SAFE * RELIABLE * EFFICIENT “A Vital Link to Learning”

transportation staff


Transportation Director

Edmond Arnold – Email

430 S. Blaine St.
Mediapolis, Iowa 52637
(319) 394-3700

announcements line

Mechanic – Walter Reynolds


Mary Kuenzler • Patti Lehnherr • Marla Miller • Diana Powers • Tammy Runnells • Don Schnedler • Carolyn Tisor • Thomas Greaves • Steve Higgins • Trisha Russell