School Board Leaders Honored In May!

May is School Board Recognition Month and an opportunity for local schools and communities to honor Iowa’s nearly 1,900 locally elected school board members for their dedication to children and schools.
“Providing our community’s children with a sound education is the most important investment we can make,” said Greg Ray, superintendent. “We’re proud of our elected leaders in this community and want to thank them for their service. School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and recognize their continuing commitment to our school.”
In Mediapolis, school board members develop policies and make decisions that impact the entire community. They are responsible for an annual budget of $11million, 850 students, 150 employees and 3 buildings.
“School board members make critical decisions and oversee billions in educational expenditures,” notes Ray. “They donate countless hours of personal time in service to Iowa students”.
Our school board members will be recognized for their service at our regular school board meeting on May 8, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the administration office boardroom.
The men and women serving Mediapolis and their years of service are (list names of board members and years of service).

Kim Benz               2 years

Brad Coates          6 years

Miles Erickson      2 years

Carrie Lippert       4 years

Jenny McNeil        2 years

Dick Whitaker      4 years

John Witte             4 years

Student Board Representatives

Katie Coates         2 years

Sam Lane               1 year


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