Allsop HS English: Publications

Fall 2019

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Final deadlines must be met by 011720


MAJOR assignments and projects will be posted on this web site. Daily Assignments will be posted by class as time allows; however, confirmation of dates should be done by students in class with daily planners. Also, this website should not be a substitute for visiting me upon return from an absence. IN CLASS WORK IS NOT ALWAYS POSTED HERE–HOMEWORK IS. STUDENTS ALSO NEED TO MAKE UP IN CLASS WORK AND SHOULD SEE ME FOR THAT. Parents may always contact me at my school email or phone for confirmation of requirements/dates.

For all classes, both parents and students should expect in-class time to begin assignments and regular homework as the general rule. Absences should be limited for success; when unavoidable, students are required to see me upon their return for assignments and for materials in order to be current. The designated meeting time is Homework Seminar, a daily meeting time for all students and teachers.  I am also available before and after school.

Class Work Policy  Late work will be accepted for half credit.  Late work is anything not turned in by the end of the school day on its due date.  Late work will be accepted for one week (7 days) from the original due date. After that time, the work may be submitted for evaluation, but no credit may be earned.

Communication  Students should plan to write each day’s assignment in their planner at the start of class.  The teacher will also post daily and long term assignments on the class school web page. Students can come before or after school as well as during seminar for help.  

Students and parents may email or call; 319.394.3101X1109

The policies in the 2018-2019 MHS Student Handbook are enforced in this class.