On the checklist below, put a checkmark beside those things that make you feel stressed.


5  Fear of dying

5  Worry about the world situation and possible war
5  Fear of getting hurt by others

5  Too much responsibility

5  Fear of failing

5  School

5  Neighborhood

5  New friends

5  Jealous of brothers and sisters

5  Conditions at home (too dirty, messy, too hot, too cold, too poor . . .)

5  Not enough food

5  A friend recently moved away

5  Parents separated or divorced

5  Parent has boyfriend or girlfriend around that I don’t like
5  I don’t fit in

5  I have a drug or drinking problem

5  Other stresses:  (Write these below)
5  Too many chores and responsibilities at home
5  Too many decisions at home

5  Not maturing physically at the speed you would like
5  I am impatient and can’t wait my turn

5 I am not popular

5 I get nervous when I try out for things (clubs, teams, etc.)

5  Someone I care about is in trouble with the law
5  I am not healthy

5  There is a new child in the family

5  Worrying about someone at home

5  Attending church

5  I get embarrassed easily

5  I don’t like the way I look

5  Friends put pressure on me to do things I don’t want to do

5  I get nervous with members of the opposite sex


You have the ability to control some stress, but not all of it.  After each stressor you marked,

place one of the following letters:

 C-You can control              M-You may be able to control                 CC-You cannot control 

  • Act on those stresses that you can control.
  • Consider what you can do with those that you may be able to control.
  • Let go of those that you cannot control.


1.        Exercise daily (15 to 20 minutes).

2.        Learn to relax.  Practice daily in a peaceful, quiet setting.  Let go of the negatives.  Develop visual imagery.

3.        Talk it over.  Share your problems with a friend, a relative, or a mental health professional.

4.        Stroke and talk to animals.  Studies show blood pressure goes down.  Even watching tropical fish has a soothing effect.

5.        Set life goals.  Are you living in the fast lane?  Find out what is really important to you, then weed out frantic activities which don’t really further your own values and goals.

6.        Expect to be successful and move confidently toward a win.  When you catch yourself worrying, ask, “Does worrying further my goals?  Am I uptight about nothing?”  Reject worries; many people worry out of love and concern or from guilt.  Give yourself permission to be free of worry.

7.        Talk to yourself about success!  Be generous in self-praise.  (Begin to notice how you talk about yourself in conversations.)  Refuse to think about what you cannot change or about things in the past which you cannot change!  Remember, humans do not have rewind buttons.

8.        Plan your time.  Be realistic-don’t try to do too much.

9.        Take a break.  Occasionally. Change the pace (for no reason, just to do something different).

10.     Interact with people in a positive way.  Talking, joking, touching, hugging, all ease the tension and dispel feelings of loneliness.  Laughter is often the best medicine.

11.     Avoid too many big changes at one time.

12.     Get plenty of sleep.  Eat right (good fuel keeps the car running smoothly!)



1.        You have a big date tonight.  You go into your closet for your favorite outfit and it’s gone.  Thirty minutes before your date arrives, your sister comes home wearing your outfit with a big ketchup stain on the front.

You respond:  

2.        Johnny, who you’ve had a crush on for 6 months, asks your best friend out on a date.  She accepts his invitation without telling you.  When you ask what she did Friday night, she says matter of fact, “Oh, I went out with Johnny.”

You respond:  

3.        You asks your buddy, Rick, to fill in for you at work 2 weeks in advance and he agrees.  The night before he’s supposed to work he calls and says he’s changed his mind without a good reason.

You respond:  

4.        You confide in Jill that Patrick wants to ask you out but you find him repulsive.  She tells Patrick what you said.  Word gets back to you that Jill told him.  You find Jill and…


You respond:

5.        You stay up late completing a long math assignment.  When you get to school the next day your buddy, Jimmy, gets mad at you because you won’t let him copy it.


You respond:

6.        You go out on Saturday night with a few of your friends. You have a curfew and they don’t.  You are all at a party having fun when you realize that it’s time to go home.  Your friends refuse to leave until they’re ready.  As a result, you get home an hour late and get punished.  When you see your friends at school…

You respond:  7.        Your parents find cigarettes in the pocket of your jacket and falsely accuse you of smoking.  They punish you without giving you a chance to explain that they are not yours. You respond: