2nd semester 2020


Jan 16 thru 19

Students will start course with rules and guidelines to a successful 2nd semester in art 1 (sculpture class). We will start out with our daily observation sketches for 10 minutes per day. Students will find small objects from box of junk I provide and observe the object and  then sketch it out in 3D, then they will shade the object using the smudging technique.

The students are expected to shade object thinking about its shape, hopefully they remember the basic shapes they were taught in Middle school.  Some basic rules: No outlining of  objects, each shape  has its own value scale, shadows, use smuding technique and draw in 3D.


We will also end the class with daily journaling.  Students will answer these questions daily in their journal/sketchbook using proper English and writing neatly (Date) :

  1. What are my plans today while creating art?
  2. What could I do differently today?
  3. What are my plans for next class?Jan 22nd  thru 26th   Students will be introduced to portfolio project for the principles of Design. We will discuss the principles, watch video on principles and take notes and discuss each concept. I will handout a task sheet on the principles and assignment. This project will be work on in class only when we have down time in between our sculptures.  Each principle will have a due date that it is expected to be turned in.  Each principle has two parts cover page and artwork its self. (all this is on your task sheet)
  4. Students will be introduced to portfolio project for the Principles of Design. We will discuss the principles, watch video on principles and take notes and discuss each concept. I will handout a task sheet on the principles and assignment.  I will show them variety of example of this assignment as well.principles-of-design-task-sheetPrinciples of Design definitions2018

Jan 29th through Feb 14 Contrast

1st project:  Introduced students to Found object sculpture (ppt is on Mrs. Hein computer) Due March 3
March 20 end of Qtr.

Portfolio project
pattern and movement in one image due March 20.

Definition for Pattern is simply keeping your design in a certain format. The repeating of an object or symbol through out the over all  art work (regular drop down patterns  and irregular patterns)

Movement – It can be the suggestion of motion in a design as you move from object to object by way of placement and position.  Directional movement can be created with a value pattern. It is with the placement of dark and light areas that you can move your attention through the artwork.
Due March 20th end of 3 qtr.

2nd Project: wire sculpture (introduce ppt)(task sheet)
March 9 thru March 25 (7 class periods use it wisely)

Portfolio Project: March  20 thru April 17
Students should start working on portfolio/rhythm and unity refer to your notes:

Definition of Rhythm (intentional flow) of regular or irregular lines or shapes to achieve a specific repetition effect or pattern. Like a dance it will create a flow of objects that will seem to be like the beat of  music.

Unity – brings together a composition/artwork with similar units (line, color, shape, etc.).  If your composition was using wavy lines and organic shapes you would stay with those types of lines and not put in just one geometric shape.
Due April  16th and 17th.

Project 3: Ceramics project March 25 through April 8th (7 days)

Portfolio Last assignment: Due May 15, 2020
Emphasis – Center of interest or Focal Point- is an area that first attracts attention in a composition and gives dominance to a particular area through color, size, or repetition.

Balance – is a feeling of visual equality in shape, form, value, color, etc.  Balance can be symmetrical/evenly balanced or asymmetrical/un-evenly balanced, objects, values, colors, textures, shapes, forms, etc., can be used in creating a balance in a composition.

May 1: Introduce students to basket weaving project.
(ppt is on Mrs Hein computer).  I will sit with each student in groups and demonstrate basket weaving techniques as I am doing this students will work independently on weaving and/or portfolio projects.


April 8th, 2020

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, I am giving enrichment art lessons to my students these will not be graded. I do feel that working through these lessons will enhance your artist ability….so with that being said, I hope you find them useful artistically. I am on Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter (#mepoclassroom) I encourage you to share your learning abilities with me as well as our community.  Stay healthy and safe. See ya Mrs. Hein

All late work needs to be completed, check Jmc for missing assignments and then email me.


Enrichment Lessons on word document:

3 enrichment idea 2020