Second semester 2020

Jan 20 to 30 start monthly sketches (pencil: focial point and strong values)

 Jan 30 Start prepping clay and/or work on monthly sketch Due today. 

Introduce kids to 3 techniques in clay: pinch pot, coil and slab.

  1. create a pinch pot (cup, vase, bowl) with handles (min. 4 inches) must have an animal some how incorporated into the design of this pot.  decorate using incised, impressing or combing techniques) due Feb 14th
  2. Create a coil vase using coiling technique 8 inch (abstract) Due March 20th.
  3. Create a Slab cylinder or box with a lid at least 8 inches. decorate using incised or impressed techniques. Due April 3.

Introduce to slumping or humping process in Molding a clay pot. PPT on Mrs Hein computer desk top. Please finish up any prepping of clay Start working on your molded clay bowl, remember it must have some type of feet and texture (carved/stamped or build up) using  basic pottery techniques such as coiling,  slab, pinched.


April 8,2020

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, I am giving enrichment art lessons to my students these will not be graded. I do feel that working through these lessons will enhance your artist ability….so with that being said, I hope you find them useful artistically. I am on Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter (#mepoclassroom) I encourage you to share your learning abilities with me as well as our community.  Stay healthy and safe. See ya Mrs. Hein

All late work needs to be completed, check Jmc for missing assignments and then email me.

Enrichment lesson on word document pleases open:

3 enrichment idea 2020