Jan 18 to 20 start monthly sketches

Jan 23 to 27 Start prepping clay and work on monthly sketch

Jan 30 to Feb 3 Introduce to slumping or humping process in Molding a clay pot. PPT on Mrs Hein computer desk top. finish up any prepping of clay

Feb 6  to 10 Start working on your molded clay bowl, remember it must have some type of feet and texture (carved/stamped or build up) using  basic pottery techniques such as coiling,  slab, pinched.

Feb 13 to 17 Continue to work on molded clay bowl.

Feb 20 to 24 Continue to work on molded clay bowl

Feb 27 to Mar. 3  Molded pot due Feb 28 end of class.

March 6 to 10 

students will work on totum pole

March 13 to 17

students will work on totem pole

March 20 to 24 (End of 3rd Qtr.)

students will continue with totem

March 27 to 31

students will continue  with totem pole

April 3 to 7 (Spring Play)

April 10 to 14 (Spring break April 14 thru 17 no school)

April 17 to 21 (Progress reports)

April 24 to 28 ( Art club Kid art Day) early out day

May 1 to 5

May 8 to 12

May 15 to 19 (Senior graduation May 21st)

May 22 to 25 (Last day of classes May 24)