Assignments for art 2D


Go over expectations (rules) and syllabus.

Student must do a journal entry every day last 5 minutes of the day
(3 sentences)(must have dates and use complete sentence structure)
What did I learn today? What could I do differently?  What are my plans for next time? posted on white board by my desk.

Students will also spent the first 10 minutes of class working on their observation drawing techniques.  Light source….shading techniques…..smudging technique are a few of the techniques student will be expected to fine tune. All sketches must be dated

extra credit posted on wall outside of my office door.  Full page sketch focus on foreground, middle ground and background in pencil. Students may also be offered extra credit to assist with spring play set.


Jan. 21 thru 23 
Went over rules, set up and started Observation sketching and journals. Discussed art club and when our next meeting would be.

Jan.  27 thru 31 

Students will watch a video on the Elements of Design and take notes and we will discuss how these building block are used in their portfolio assignment project. http://elementsfolio
Date may vary please go by dates in blue.

May 15 (#7)

Line is a moving mark on a surface that describes  a shape or outline.  It can create texture and can be thick and thin.  Types of line can include actual, implied, vertical, horizontal, diagonal and contour.
Students will focus on hatching, crosshatching, controlled scribble and stippling in ink and the subject will be any subject the student wishes to do. You do not need special ink pens I personally use black Bic pens remember to not use jell pens they tend to smear.

Image result for pen and ink techniquesImage result for pen and ink techniques

Image result for pen and ink techniques for animalsRelated imageImage result for pen and ink techniques for animals

Students usually have one week after due date to turn in for credit with out penalty last project will be due on due date because of time restraints.

Last day in class for Line may 15th.

Feb 20 to March 6 (Shape) (#3)
Start in class: Shape is a 2-dimensional object. Shapes are flat and can be grouped into two categories: geometric and organic.

  1. Geometric are man made shapes(circle,square, triangle)basic shapes

2. Organics are made by nature (human, tree)

Student assignment after being introduced to the element Shape (Zentangle) and will create independent project using basic shapes and line in the Zentangle  project, subject up to student.
The medium student will use is markers.

Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. … These patterns are drawn on small pieces of paper called “tiles.” (shapes) We call them tiles because you can assemble them into mosaics.

Image result for what is zentangle methodRelated imageImage result for what is zentangle method


Remember Students have one week after due date to turn in for credit with out penalty.  Students must turn every element picture in with header page (no staples) with rubric tape on back of art work and in a folder.

Continue to work with shape in Zentangle with markers the last day to work on this project in class  is March 6. one week later it needs to be turned in for credit.

April 17 (#5):Introduced to Form is a 3-D object having height, width  and depth.   It is the illusion of a 3-D effect that can be implied with the use of light and shading techniques. Form can be viewed from many angles it can be  a free standing sculpture or it can be a relief sculpture that hangs on the wall.  Since this is a 2D Course we will be focusing all 2D (flat work)

Students will be using a gesso mixture to create their own relief sculpture.  Students will create a stencil then apply the gesso mixture  to create a sense of a relief sculpture.


Feb 4 to 20, 2020(#2)
Introduction to Color is seen either by the light reflects off a surface, or in colored light source (prism). There are primary colors , secondary colors, and tertiary colors. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors are used to create contrast. Analogous colors are colors that are found side by side on the color wheel. These can be used to create color harmony. Monochromatic colors are tints and shades of one color. Warm colors are a group of colors that consists of red, yellow and orange. Cool colors are group of colors that consist of purples, greens and blues.
Student assignment is to take their own photo of a sunset or sun rise with a tree silhouette and then paint using watercolors that we learned in middle school. If student does not have a photo they are informed that they must take a sunset photo and different photo of a silhouette tree and combine them into one are piece.

Image result for colorwheel


Introduce to value (#1) on Jan 20 to Feb 20: Value is the degree of light and dark in a design. It is the contrast between black and white and all the tones in between the gradual gradation scale.  Value can be used with color as well as back and white.

still life (plural: still lifes) is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which are either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, shells, etc.) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, etc.).

Student are introduced to the element Value through observation sketching (still life) using the medium charcoal they will learn to draw from life. I will set up a still life of object for them to draw in class. students, how I wanted rubric taped on back of each element sketch and it must be turned in with header page for that element to receive credit in a folder. All drawing will be done in class on this project!!!!!   Still life drawing

Image result for still life in charcoalRelated image

Daily sketches and Journal are due March 5.

March 6 thru March 20 (#4)

Introduction to Texture is about the surface quality. Texture can be real or implied by different uses of  media. It is the degree of roughness or smoothness in objects.

Student Assignment:Introduce student to the element Texture, students are to draw an animal and focus on its textural elements (fur,feathers etc…. use colored pencil to create texture.

April 17 to 27 (#6)

Introduce Space
in a two-dimensional drawing or painting that refers to the arrangement of objects on the picture plane. .

Student will work on 1 pt 10 boxes with guidelines and 10 boxes without guidelines.
Student will then work on 2 pt. 10 boxes with guidelines and 10 without guidelines.

Space/ Perspective - Dennises' Foundation Portfolio
This photo is a 2 pt. room

How To Draw Comics - 2 Point Perspective

linear perspective is the method of using lines to show the illusion of depth in a picture.

One and two point perspective use a vanishing point to create diagonal lines that recede into the distance to create depth (giving a sense of movement)

This photo is 1 pt. perspective room

Perspective Lines in the Last Supper | COVE

Atmospheric perspective (foreground, middle ground, Background)

Here, Near, and Far Atmospheric Perspective Art PPT by Wendy Stanziano
Overlapping when objects partially overlap over other objects.3 Easy Ways to Add Depth to Drawings- Podcast #34 - Ridge Light Ranch

There are two types of space: Positive and Negative space.  Positive space refers to the space of shape representing the subject matter, while negative space refers to the space around and between the subject matter.

What is Negative Space Art? Learn Negative Space Definition, Be ...

 Student will be assigned the task of creating a
1 pt. or 2 pt. room using the medium pencil


May 22 Due elements of design portfolio






April 8th, 2020

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, I am giving enrichment art lessons to my students these will not be graded. I do feel that working through these lessons will enhance your artist ability….so with that being said, I hope you find them useful artistically. I am on Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter (#mepoclassroom) I encourage you to share your learning abilities with me as well as our community.  Stay healthy and safe. See ya Mrs. Hein

All late work needs to be completed, check Jmc for missing assignments and then email me

Enrichment Lessons on word document please open:

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