Independent Class
Independent class is an exciting semester course designed to open your eyes to the visual potential that exists within your own mind! A variety of self directed projects will be completed using different mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, scratch board, painting, sculpture meduim and mixed media.

The basic elements of design and color theory will be emphasized and lead you into a wide range of meduims. Students may focus on what they are interested in and work independently on these assignments. 5 project will be assigned and due at end to semester.  I will have 5 different dues dates for each assignment.  This is a wonderful course that will help you develop your artistic vision and release your creative potential.
Student must do a journal entry every day (3 sentences)(must have dates)
What did I learn today? What could I do differently?  What are my plans for next time? Art related issues please.  Journal dates are in notebook  on desk.

5 sketches dues dates are in student notebook on my desk with all sketch due dates and requirements (all late work will have points taken off)(rubric must be taped to back of sketch -2pts if not on back)
extra credit posted on wall outside of my office door. all due dates are on calendar and in a notebook on Mrs. Hein’s desk.



April 8th, 2020

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, I am giving enrichment art lessons to my students these will not be graded. I do feel that working through these lessons will enhance your artist ability….so with that being said, I hope you find them useful artistically. I am on Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter (#mepoclassroom) I encourage you to share your learning abilities with me as well as our community.  Stay healthy and safe. See ya Mrs. Hein

All late work must be finished so check Jmc and/or email me.


Enrichment lesson on word document pleases open April 13:

3 enrichment idea 2020


Monthly sketches due dates: Theme ideas and type of medium are in notebook on Mrs. Hein’s desk

Jan. 30/31      A/B

Feb. 21/22     A/B

mar. 22/ 23       A/B

April 23/24        A/B

May 10/11          A/B