Printmaking class (B-Day)
Students must do a journal entry every day (3 sentences)(must have dates for credit)
What did I learn today? What could I do differently?  What are my plans for next time?
5 monthly  sketches  (all late work will have points taken off)
extra credit posted on wall outside of my office door.

Printmaking course introduces students to a variety of printmaking techniques using processes such as Monotypes, basic etching, woodcuts and Linocuts. This course emphasizes the elements and principles of design while encouraging student criticism to the applied fine arts (Feldman’s critical thinking skills). Students will be exposed to artists and art styles that will enhance and inspire unique, personalized art works. This course will investigate the computer’s influence on the field of advertising and Commercial art. A sketchbook, folder and journal will be kept as homework to advance students’ drawing skills. Students are encouraged to display their work public

Sept 6 to 9

Students will be introduced to Feldman’s Criticial thinking skills.

April 23 -27
Introduced students to embossing project.  Handout task sheet and ppt. Monthly sketch due april 23 .

April 30 thru May 4

Students worked on embossing project and continue with monthly sketch as well.

May  7 thru 11

Continued to work on embossing Project and continue with monthly sketch as well. sketch is due May 16th
May 14 thru 21
Student 2nd sketch is due Oct 19 or 20 depending on your block. working on embossing project

May 24 thru 18
Continue working on embossing project(hand in monthly sketch)

May  21 thru 22
End of qtr. is Oct 22 th make sure all late work is turned in for credit.