Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences!

We have learned over 30 sight words so far in kindergarten. Please keep practicing these words with your child!The words are….see look for on I the he she me we be was to do are all you your come some said here there they go no so my one by like have live give only old little down red pink blue green yellow orange purple brown black and white. If your child knows these words, challenge them by having them write the words! We are using our sight words to read simple sentences and books.  Please keep the books that your child brings home and read these every chance you get!

We are writing in our journals three times a week. We are trying to use the correct letter at the beginning of each word by associating the correct letter with the sound they hear at the beginning of each word.  Please encourage your child to write every day!

In math, we are working on simple addition and subtraction facts to 5. Please practice these with your child.

We will be going to the library every day.  If possible, I would like you to read the library book to your child each night and return it the next day.

Please work with your child on learning their phone number and address if they don’t know it already.  Also, it would be greatly appreciated if your child could practice tying their shoes every evening!

Remember to read books every night at school. Please write them down on the form I sent home so your child can get all four stickers on the Burlington Bee’s Baseball Chart!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me or give me a call!

Thank You!

Mrs. Schulte