Week of November 9-13

This has been a good week.  We read a story about tadpoles changing into frogs-Where Do Frogs Come From?  They enjoyed this story.  We followed up with a video that showed the eggs changing from tadpoles and then to frogs.  A lot of science cross over during language arts.  It was great!  We are doing more water experiments today.  They are making predictions on how water will expand during the freezing process.  I wish I could share all the  things they learn during the day.  They learned how the Teddy Bear got its name from President Roosevelt.  They love history as much as I do.  We are talking about them being unique and special.  This is in our social studies book.  Next week we will cover families.  They are working on a Mayflower report this week and next.  I am so excited.  I am using a lot of teacher direction, but they are still learning about the introductory sentence of a report, the follow-up information, and how to make good presentation.  Next week they will put the Mayflower picture together with their report.  They are very excited.  They have read their little math books for individual presentation.  They are doing a great job with that.  About twelve more need to finish.  We are working on adding and subtracting.  The students just walked in from recess.  I need to go.  Please have them read and fill out the reading logs.  Also, don’t forget spelling and sight words.  Thank you.

Mrs. E.


Week November 16-20

Wow, what a week!!!! We were very busy.  We are done with our Mayflower project and even created a little Native American man.  Very cute.  We worked on sight words a lot, small group reading, and read Try Your Best in the text book.  Today was our testing day.  They had a comprehension test, spelling test, sight word test, and an addition test.  I am amazed by what they are learning day by day.  We did not do as much science as I would have liked, but we did touch on water and ice.  They know quite a bit about the crossing of the Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock.  Please have them tell you about it.  Thank you.


Week November 30-December 4

This week we read about the oceans and some of the creatures of the ocean in Fish Are Fun.  We have started a small writing project that tells what their favorite Christmas song is.  In math we worked on tally charts and pictographs.  We also worked a lot on 9s in addition.  They seem to struggle with this, but we have come up with a great way to remember the 9s math facts.  We talked a lot about our class being a family and having each other’s backs.  Our room is decorated in snowmen and snowflakes.  That is our class theme for the next two months.  Thanks for bringing in the pop cans.  We are slowly gaining funds for our trip to Kline’s.  I did a little window shopping tonight.  We should be able to buy a few nice gifts for the children at the Women’s Shelter.  Just a reminder to have the children continue reading their books.  If you have notices from the library please try to find those books.  Thank you.


Week December 7-11

This week we read I Am a Butterfly.  We learned about the phases of the butterfly.  We journal daily and are learning about  poems and narratives.  In math we are continuing to work on tallying, pictographs, and adding.  The students are helping me create a doubles addition song.  Monday night will be our last night to collect pop cons.  We have about fifteen dollars so far, but I haven’t counted and redeemed all the cans yet.  We are going to have a fair amount of money to buy the gifts.  Continue reading at home, practice spelling/sight words, and talk to your children about everything.  I have told them to read signs on businesses and along the roadways.  It all helps with their reading.  I can really see their reading skills improving.  We had some behavior problems the last few days.  Talk to your children about proper language, no hitting, hurting property, and paying attention in class.  I also need you to remind the children that we don’t play in the cloak/coat room.  Next week, we start fresh.   I don’t require the students to ask permission to use the restroom.  If they need to use the facilities, I want them to feel free.  Thanks again, for all you do.

December 14-18

We continue to journal daily, read in small groups, and focus on the story in our basal reader.  It was their first attempt at reading a play.  We focused on reading with emotion.  The math is graph work this week.  The trip to Kline’s was a success.  We got some nice toys for boys and girls.  We did a walking trip in downtown.  They got to go in The Mediapolis News, the bank, and the telephone company.  We read signs as we walked down the street.


January 4-8

We are reading the Tomas Rivera story in language arts.  Studying graphs in math.  We are working on 10 spelling words and 5 sight words per week.

January 11-15

We read On the  Way to the Pond in language arts.  The children are gaining a lot of knowledge regarding vocabulary this week.  We are working on science experiments.  They love that.  Please have your children practice spelling/sight words and  practice their fast phrase packets.

January 18-22

Parents, Bev Vorwerk posted in the parent weekly newsletter to make sure that your children are dressed properly.  I cannot stress how important this is.  I go out to recess, and it is cold.  It is never so bad that I don’t want to go out, but I am always properly dressed.  I wear a long wool coat, I have snow pants as needed, warm gloves, warm boots, warm hat, and wool scarf.  15 minutes is very cold if you are not properly dressed.  That is only the morning and afternoon recesses.  We also have a 30 minute recess after lunch.  We had our FAST test this week.  Some of the students have figured that they need to read faster.  We are practicing on a daily basis sight words using a timer and fast phrases using a timer.  Keep reading at home.  They more they read, the better they will get.  We have started telling time.  They are having daily competitions.  It is good for them.  They never want to miss a day.  If we run short on time, I have the children get into two groups and we do a quick team competition.  Please feel free to have your kids do this at home.  It won’t be quite as easy since you probably don’t have Judy clocks or markings on your clocks like I have, but you could do the o’clock times.  Ask them what o’clock  means.  I hope they remember that it means-of the clock.  We read about friends this week and worked on math and subtraction.  I am very pleased with their ability to solve addition and subtraction problems.  Next week I hope to have the children write a poem about themselves.  There is nothing in the hallway that they have created.  They don’t like that, so it must be remedied.  Have a great week.


January 25-29

This week we had our MAP tests in reading and math.  We also had curriculum based measurement for our addition and subtraction.  We had many worksheet in math to keep busy while the others were finishing their tests.  We read about The Fox and the  Stork.  It was a fable and taught us a lesson about how to treat our friends.  It was a busy week, but we got a lot accomplished.

February 1-5

This week we celebrated 100 days. There is a 100 favorite heart display outside our room.  We shared our 100 items.  Some people brought items and other people brought food stuffs that they shared.  This week was a very fast week.  We read about Cats In the Bed.  Talked about our home addresses in social studies.  We also talked about what we looked like on the day we were born.  Some had interesting stories to tell.  We also discussed why our names were chosen.  We continue to work on adding and subtracting in math.


This week we were pretty excited over Valentines.  They made envelopes for their Valentines.  I didn’t realize how large some of the Valentines were.  I discovered that they now have candies and toys attached.  Times do change.  We are going to be doing even more reading than what we have been doing.  Some of the students will be bringing home extra reading packets.  We are continuing with sight words and fast phrases.  Please make sure that if they have those with them that they read out loud to you.  We are continuing with subtraction plus our addition in math.


February 15-18

Parents, I can’t apologize enough for being late with this post.  I was going to do it Saturday after I came back home from working at the school and then just forgot.  Sorry!!!  Last week we discussed many things regarding sciences and social studies.  We are discussing needs or wants.  This week we will get into the wants.  I am hoping they can write a great story about their dream homes.  They have made blueprints of their bedrooms.  I hope to send them home Friday.  They are on small index cards.  They were in the work room and I believe they are still their.  The children will tell you there are two areas that always need attention.  That is the library shelves and the work room.  In math we are continuing our subtraction and we are using the unifix cubes, so they can get a better visual of how many days we have been in school.  I can’t believe I only have about three more months with them.  I told my husband Friday night that I am so going to miss these children so very much. I will try not to cry the last day of school.  There will be some bear hugs. They wrap around your heart.  We still work toward great reading.  Friday night I told them to read over the weekend and to go out and play, play, play.  I have another new technique for spelling.  They will continue the sailboats and they have a new block paper to use for sight words/important words.  They will be using spelling cubes with this.  I am excited, and I think they will be too.  We are all ready for spring.  The children get tired of me nagging about coats, boots, and snow pants.  It is getting nice, so the snow pants are probably behind us, unless we have a major storm blow through.  I still need them to have a warm coat and a hat as needed.  They are suffering with cabin fever, so many days we have times where we have class on the floor.  With clipboards it works fairly well.  They need to have a little time to move around.  We need to let them know their won’t be class on the floor next year.  It has helped children that get fidgety.  Too be honest, they focus for me just as well when they have a time to be able to stretch out.  Have a great week.

February 20-24

I am so sorry that I am late in this posting.  We had a pretty bad week for students fussing last week, but I believe it is under control.  Your children are good children.  It is difficult to be cooped up and then go out into the cold for many months.  I am so looking forward to spring and so are they.  The room is brightly decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.  They were very excited and ready for change.  After last week, I made a decision to dedicate the following week to lots of reading.  The writing next week will be minimal.  There will be writing, but nothing that would require longer paragraphs.  I don’t send these home.  They stay here.  They did a great write up about their dream homes.

March 7-11

I am so sorry I missed last week.  Thankful the weather is nice and  the children can go out without heavy coats.  They are reading a lot.  I am having them read many things: their own writing, book share during morning share, and reading to the kindergarten students.  They wrote about gold at the end of the rainbow this week.  The pictures are cute and the writing is clever.  We had addition and subtraction time test today.  I only gave them two minutes.  It was a challenge.  We did not have a science experiment this week, but we will have one next week.  Have a great weekend.  I gave them instructions tonight to read and play this weekend.

April 25-29

This has been quite a month.  We have been busy with progress monitors, FAST tests, MAPP tests, our reading for Mrs. Murphy’s class, and the marriage of the Q and U.  I so wish I had more time in the day.  The children are doing fairly well telling time, but struggle a bit with passage of time.  It is coming, though.  The reading amazes me.  They read everything in this room.  That is proving to be the best way for them to gain fluency.  Please make sure they read out loud a bit at home.  I was blown away at the spring program.  They were so confident with their speaking and singing.  The field trip to Iowa City is May 19th.  Volunteers must turn in the form for background check.  It takes quite a few weeks, so even if you can’t go this year you can always go next year as a chaperone.  We hope to fly a kite one day, will work on May baskets, and prepare a surprise for our moms.  They love when we do creative projects.  They work so hard in this room, but it is helping them prepare for the second grade.  Thank you.