Organization:  The ability to become organized.

     Why do I want to stress organizational skills in the Student Services Classroom?

Being organized is a vital part of life.  Being organized will make your life easier, makes it less likely to lose homework, forget due dates, and saves a lot of time.  It is essential for many important things like school or work, and even everyday things, like paying bills on time or remembering events such as when an assignment is due.

Activity:  Answer 3 of the 5 questions and turn in for credit.

1.  Do you consider yourself to be organized or unorganized?  Explain in at least 7 sentences.  Give examples.

2.  Is someone in your life extraordinarily organized?  Describe in at least 7 sentences how they maintain order.

3.  How does the daily life of a disorganized individual likely play out?  7 sentence minimum.

4.  What does time management mean?  How do you manage your time?  If you don’t manage your time, why not?

5.  What might be the lifelong benefits of being organized?  7 sentence minimum.