Mrs. Cummings’     

Second Grade Class Notes

                         May 11- 15, 2015



May 19:  Field Trip to Starr’s Cave (half day)

May 21:  Field Trip to Niabi Zoo (full day)

     (Students will need to bring their lunches both days.  NO  nuts

     due to allergies in the second grade.)  See yellow field trip note sent today.

May 22:  “Mini” field trip to the Mediapolis Public Library and the Mediapolis Savings Bank


READING:  The Unit 29  story is ”Montigue on the High Seas.” This fiction story tells the adventures of Montigue, the mole, as he is washed out to seas and then finds his way to shore again.   We will be working on the following skills: Author’s Purpose, Using Context to Confirm Meaning, Summarizing, Organizing ideas in a paragraph, Homophones, and Helping Verbs (has, have, had).  Vocabulary words are cozy, drifted, feet, launched, looming, realized.


SPELLING:  The Unit 29 Test will be Friday, May 15.   Most of the words have the “aw”, “augh” spellings for the same sound.  List 29 words:  crawled, saw, taught, seesaw, draw, lawn, naughty, taught, daughter, yawn, throughout, coupon, hole, night, story. Thanks for helping your child study these at home!  (As usual, RAINBOW WORDS should be returned before the test on May 15.)


MATH:  We are continuing with our study of telling time and should be ready for a test later this week.  We are also using addition and


subtraction skills with 3 digit numbers.  PLEASE encourage students to keep practicing counting money, basic addition and subtraction facts, and telling time.

SCIENCE:  We are finishing up our “Sound” chapter this week.  We hopefully will be ready for a test by Thursday.

DAILY GEOGRAPHY: We are working with a state map of Kansas this week.

             OTHER: Our field trips to the Niabi Zoo (May 21) and a half day trip to Starr’s Cave on May 19 are coming up. Remember to plan on lunches for both days, but please do not send nut products in your child’s lunch.    I’m sending another note today (yellow) about the Starr’s Cave trip.  One will come home later in the week with more details about the zoo trip.

             Thanks, too, for reminding your child that we still have important work to do in second grade!  It sometimes becomes difficult for students to stay focused this time of year.  We need to use each day to its fullest to prepare for third grade!

             I really do appreciate all you do at home to help and encourage your child!


                                       Mrs. Cummings

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