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All assignments in American History and all World History assignments are due at the end of each chapter, after that they turn in to a zero when the student completes the test.


American History


US History Syllabus

Chapter 12 Reconstruction

Chapter 13 The American West

Chapter 15 Immigration and the Melting Pot

Chapter 16 Life at the Turn of the Century

Chapter 18 American Imperialism /Spanish American War

Chapter 19 World War I

Chapter 20-21 Post World War I America and the Roaring Twenties

Chapter 22 The Great Depression

Chapter 23 The New Deal

Chapter 24 Prelude to World War II

Chapter 25 World War II

Chapter 26 Start of the Cold War and the Korean War

Chapter 27 Post War America and the 1950’s

Mid 1900’s to Present-Covers various chapters

Contemporary World Issues



World History topics that we will cover:



The Middle Ages

The Renaissance

The Reformation

The Enlightenment

Age of Exploration and European Imperialism

Other Topics:

US Geography

World Geography

Youth Sports in America

Mascots and Racism in the United States

Race Issues in the US

Immigration in the US

School Consolidation

Terrorism across the World