6th Grade Instructor

Julie Messer – Email
Phone: (319) 394-3101 Ext. 1303

Julie Schnedler has been at Mediapolis since 2008.

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  • Daily lessons/assignments can be found on the Google Classroom webpage.  Students can log on and access the information from any computer with internet capability.  Students must follow the link and use their password to access the materials.

Quarter 1: Science/Social Studies

* Environmental education

* Aztec, Incan, Mayan civilizations

Quarter 2: Science/Social Studies

*Sound/Light waves

*Ancient Egyptians

Quarter 3: Science/Social Studies


* Middle Ages

Quarter 4: Science/Social Studies

* Plants

* Ancient Greeks and Romans


Lesson plans and assignments change depending upon the students ability to understand a topic.  If your student is absent please have them see me at the beginning of the day in which they return.  I will be happy to provide them with the work they missed.  Collection of assignments due to being absent are the responsibility of the students and they will have the amount of time to complete missed work in accordance to the handbook.