Epañol I

2nd Semester

5.22.14: Semester Final

5.20.14: Final Review                                                                                  Homework: Study for final

5.16.14: Decir and stem changers e->i                                                 Homework: Flashcard and Wkbk 114 & 119

5.14.14: Stem changers e->ie, dates                                                        Homework: Wkbk pgs. 98-99, & 105

5.12.14: Numbers and Venir                                                                       Homework: wkb pgs.95-97

5.8.14: D.O. Pronouns Quiz, 5B Vocab & Venir                                     Homework: Workbook pgs. 91, 92, 94

5.6.14: Direct Object Pronouns Continue                                                Homework: Workbook pg.88, 2x’s each pg.217

5.2.14: Direct Object Pronouns                                                                    Homework: Workbook pgs.86-87

4.30.14: Tener Quiz                                                                                            Homework: Study for Vocab Quiz

4.28.14: Review Tener and Que+adj/noun                                              Homework: pgs.83-85

4.24.14: Tener & que + adjective/noun                                                       Homework: Tener Worksheet

4.17.14: Tener & 5A Vocabulario                                                                    Homework: Workbook pg.81-82

4.15.14: Examen Ch. 4B                                                                                      Homework: 2x’s each pg.199

4.11.14: Conjugating jugar, Ser vs Estar cont. & Chapter Review                            Homework: Review packet

4.9.14: Ser vs Estar, Pop Quiz                                                                  Homework: Workbook pgs 78-79

4.7.14: Vocab Quiz, Ser vs Estar                                                             Homework: workbook pg.77 and notes over pg 167

4.3.14: Gustar Quiz, 4B-II Vocabulario                                               Homework: Study for vocabulary Quiz

4.1.14: Gustar Review, Mock quiz                                                           Homework: Workbook pg.76

3.28.14: A+pronoun+ gustar, Quizlet-Speller                                      Homework: Workbook pages 74-75

3.26.14: Vocabulario & using a to clarify                                                Homework: Workbook pages 71-75

3.24.14: Chapter 4B Vocabulary                                                                  Homework: Flashcards pg.173

3.20.14: Chapter 4A Test, Gustar p.158                                                    Homework: 2x’s each pg.173

3.18.14: Chapter 4A Review                                                                           Homework: Study for test

3.14.14: Vocab Review, Vocab Quiz, Estar with Adj.                           Homework: Review Packet

3.12.14: Chapter 4A Vocabulario, Estar with Adjectives.                  Homework: Read pg.147, Study for vocab Quiz

3.6.14: Review PA and Ir verbs, Quiz                                      Homework: Workbook pgs.67-69

3.4.14: Review Possessive Adj and ir Verbs                         Homework: Flashcards pg.153

2.28.14: Possessive Adj and Ir Verbs                                       Homework: Workbook pgs.63-66

2.26.14: Vocabulary and Adjectives Review                          Homework: Read p.137 and take notes over possessive adj.

2.24.14: Chapter 4 Introduction                                     Homework: Workbook pg.61-62, Family picture and Headphones

2.20.14: Chapter 3 Test                                                                    Homework: 2x’s each p.153

2.18.14: Chapter 3 Review                                                               Homework: Study for test!

2.13.14: Conjugating -er Verbs                                                       Homework: Review Packet

2.11.14: Reviewing the verb IR                                                       Homework: -er worksheet, workbook p.59

2.7.14: Conjugating -er verbs                                                            Homework: Workbook pg.56-58

2.5.14: Snow Day

2.3.14: Ir +a+inf review, En el restaurante Vocabulario      Homework: Workbook pgs.55-56

1.30.14: Ir & Transportation Quiz                                                  Homework: Workbook p.53-54

1.28.14: Review Ir, 3B vocabulary                                                 Homework: Workbook pgs.51-52

1.24.14: Ch.3A Quiz                                                                               Homework: 2’x each pg.125

1.22.14: Ch.3A Review and Ir                                                           Homework: Workbook pgs.47-49

1.17.14: Transportation                                                                      Homework: Workbook pgs.45-46, Read p.103

1.15.14: Asking Questions                                                                   Homework: Workbook pgs.43-44, Study vocab

1.13.14: Making introductions                                                          Homework: Read page 93, workbook pgs.41-42

1st Semester

8.19.13: Syllabus signatures      Due date: 8.23.13

8.21.13: Chapter I vocabulary 3x’s each vocabulary on page 17     Due date:8.23.13

8.23.13: Chapter I vocabulary flashcards and workbook pages 1-2      Due date:8.27.13

8.27.13: Workbook pages 3-6     Due date:8.29.13

8.29.13: Workbook pages 7-10   Due date: 9.3.13

9.3.13: Chapter IB 3x’s each vocabulary on page 31   Due date: 9.5.13

9.5.13: Chapter IB flashcards **Vocabulary except for the numbers.   Due date: 9.9.13

9.9.13: Workbook pages 11-13 **All exercises.      Due date: 9.4.13

9.11.13 Workbook pages 14-16     Due date: 9.13.13

9.13.13 Workbook pages 17-20    Due date: 9.17.13

>>Chicos here are the links for Quizlet. In order to get into Quizlet you need to create an account which requires an email address. Make sure to get into the links for correct Spanish class.

Block 1 (Español I (1))-http://quizlet.com/join/mG5fcwCXP

Block 2 (Español I (2))-http://quizlet.com/join/4B2VtVbdA

Block 4 (Español I (4))- http://quizlet.com/join/Y6wPP2Swr

9.17.13: Yellow Review Packet     Due date: 9.19.13

9.19.13: Study for Chapter 1 Test

9.23.13: Took Chapter 1 Test, homework: ch.2A 3x’s each on page 59. Translations on page 87. Due: 9.25.13

9.25.13: Ch. 1 Listening Test                 Homework: Flashcards on page 59. Due: 9.27.13

9.27.13: Ch, 2A Vocabulary                 Homework: Workbook page 21. Due: 10.2.13

10.2.13: Subject Pronouns                    Homework: Workbook pages 22-23. Due: 10.3:13

10.3.13: Verbo Ser and making sentences negative              Homework: Workbook pages 24-25. Due:10.7.13

10.7.13: Subject Pronouns and Verbo Ser                 Homework: Ser packet. Due:10.9.13

10.9.13: Sp and Ser Quiz, Classroom objects vocab              Homework: Workbook pgs. 26-27

10.14.13: Check Sp and Ser Quizzes, Review Sp, Review Estar, Classroom Objects vocab           Homework: Ser worksheet

10.16.13: Reviewed classroom objects vocabulary, mock quiz, Picasso Game                               Homework: Study!

10.18.13: Sp, Ser and Classroom Objects Quiz, Nouns pg.52                                Homework: Noun worksheet

10.22.13: Making nouns plural pg.52                                                                   Homework: Workbook pg. 28

10.24.13: Indefinite Articles pg.23                                                                      Homework: Workbook pg.29

10.28.13: Review Indefinite Articles, and Papel Picado                             Homework: Halloween and DOD Sheet

10.30.13: Dia de los Muertos                                                                               Homework: Study for Quiz

11.1.13: Ch.2AII Quiz, Día de los Muertos fiesta                                         Homework: Study previous material

11.5.13: Reviewed Indefinite Articles and Ser                                 Homework: Workbook pg. 30

11.7.13: Review SER, Indefinite and Definite Articles                     Homework: DA &IA Packet

11.11.13: Review DA and IA, Quiz                                                      Homework: 3x’s pg.81 ONLY 33 Words

11.13.13: Ch.2BI Vocabulary Intro                                                   Homework: 3x’s each words 34-66

11.15.13: Review Vocab. object+de+subject                               Homework: Workbook pg. 31

11.19.13: Review object + de+ subject, vocabulary game       Homework: Take notes over adjectives pg.64-65

11.21.13: Adjetivos en Espanol                                                           Homework: Workbook pgs. 32-33

11.25.13: Reviewing Adjectivos en Espanol                                  Homework: Workbook Activity 6 pg.34

12.2.13: Review Adjectives, intro. to -ar verbs                           Homework: Study for adjective quiz.

12.4.13: -Ar Verbs Continued                                                            Homework: Workbook pgs. 34-35

12.6.13: Review Adj. Adjectives Quiz.                                            Homework: -ar verbs worksheet

12.10.13: Review -ar Verbs, Talking about schedules-pg.70        Homework: workbook pg.36

12.12.13: Review A Que hora?, Quiz                                                  Homework: workbook pg.37 and ar packet

12.16.13: -Ar Tournament                                                                    Homework: Workbook pg.37-38

12.18.13: Ch.2BII Vocab y Estar                                                     Homework: Study Vocab

12.20.13: Ch.2B Vocab, Estar, Donde esta?                               Homework: Workbook pgs. 39-40

1.3.14:  Chapter 2 Review                                                                   Homework: Final Review Packet

1.7.13: Semester Final Review                                                      Homework: Study for final, and Review packet

1.9.13: Semester Test                                                                        Homework: 3x’s each pg.109