These Internet sites may be helpful as you design your bulletin board, newspaper, play, and other projects. Another good source is World Book Online, which outlines many aspects of Ancient Greece. – The search engine,, is a good beginning place. It lists sites you can click on, and at the top of the page, are related searches such as “Food in Ancient Greece.”

Ancient City of Athens – Under “Sites & Monuments” are photographs and brief explanations of monuments and buildings in Athens from Indiana University.

Ancient Greece – This comprehensive site leads to information on art & architecture, geography, history, mythology, Olympics, people and wars.

Ancient Greece from historyforkids – This site has some information on Greek medicine and science as well as other aspects of Greek life. Intended for younger students.

Ancient Greek History and Culture Resource – These are links to Greek drama/theater, philosophy, religion and daily life from Chico High School Library in California.

Ancient Greek World – The University of Pennsylvania has designed this online exhibit covering “Land and Time,” “Daily Life,” “Economy,” and “Religion and Death.”

Ancient History and Archeology of Greece – A collection of sites from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

Archaeological Sites – This is an alphabetical list of buildings and places in Ancient Greece. Information and pictures are given for most.

Biographies Plus Illustrated – For biographical information on Greeks, you can use this online database to which our library subscribes. You can get directions and passwords from the high school library.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece – A teacher named Mr. Donn has put this information on the web for younger students – School, Greek Houses, Families, Toys & Pets, Dance, Clothing/Hair Styles, Weddings, and Food.

Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece – Mr.  Dowling, a middle school teacher in Florida, designed this site for his students.

Greek and Roman Science and Technology – This site gives names, dates, and short biographies of scientists, and also, brief explanations for things such machines and buildings of ancient Greece.

The Perseus Project – Tufts University Perseus Project presently has two exhibits – “The Ancient Olympics” and “Hercules, Greece’s Greatest Hero.”

The Plague – An Ancient Greek historian, Thucydides, describes what it was like to live during the time of the plague in Athens.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Two of the wonders are located in Greece. Go to the map.

Ships of Ancient Greece – Nauticos Corp. explored the remains of an ancient Greek ship revealing artifacts, such as the wine holders, anchor, and many other items.