Car Ratings, Costs, and Insurance

EBSCO Articles
Magazines such as Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics include articles on automobiles. To access, go to the Library Web Page and click on EBSCO. Passwords for home use are available in the library.
About Auto Buying
This site reviews new cars for 2002 and 2003. Go to “By Make/Model” to find the car you are looking for.
Has a loan calculator un the heading “Finance and Insurance.”
You can enter the name of several cars and retrieve a chart that compares prices and specifications. Fuel mileage is listed under Research Center -Vehicle Detail – Technical Specs.
Has a loan calculator under the heading “Finance and Insurance.”
Crash Test
You can see the crash test results for many models of cars.
Reviews of cars and road tests.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Click on “Vehicle Ratings” and select your car.
Rates cars and figures ownership costs, such as repairs and fuel costs, over a 5-year period.
Kelley Blue Book
Find out prices for used cars.
Microsoft Car Point
Under “Find,” enter your car information, and click “Go.” Kelley Blue Book prices will appear. Click on “More Info” to get reliability reports and more.
National Highway Traffic  Safety Administration
Find out if your car has ever been recalled for safety issues.
Wheels and Deals
A WebQuest for 11th and 12th graders