These sites will give you easy-to-read data on colleges. You can, also, go to the official web page of the college. Type your college into any search engine.

Practice for the ACT and SAT Tests

These sites contain many sample questions on the math, reading, vocabulary, and English sections of the tests.

  • SAT Preparation Center -Practice verbal and math tests with tips on how to reason out answers.  Download a full-length practice test.
  • ACT Test Preparation – Practice tests in English, math, reading, science, and writing; descriptions of the tests; and test-taking tips.
  • The Online Test Page – Vocabulary practice drills and math tests, such as fractions, percentage word problems, and polynomials.
  • Most Important SAT Words – The top 108 vocabulary words and puzzles and word finds using them.
  • Webmath – Extra practice problems.

Basic Steps in the Research ProcessGuidelines in the form of steps to help in writing a research paper.