How Adults Can Help Children Learn to Read

Born to Read: How to Raise a Reader

Ideas for instilling a love of reading in young children, tips for sharing books, reading web sites, and a list of good books.

Children’s Literature Web Guide

Author’s on the web, stories on the web, resources for parents, lists of books, and more.
Children’s Picture Book Database at Miami University
          Educators can search over 5000 children’s picture books using keywords such as topics, concepts, and skills
          which describe the book.

Family Education: Reading

Fun reading games for kids and tips for adults.

Favorite Children’s Stories

Links to popular reading series such as the Berenstain Bears, Babysitters Club, Animorphs, Arthur, Goosebumps, Narnia, and more.

Guys Read

How to connect boys with books they will want to read.
International Reading Association
Links to recommended books and articles on teaching reading.


Click on English, Spanish, German, or French for “Play and Learn” games for parents and teachers to use with younger children.

READ*WRITE*NOW Activities for Reading and Writing Fun

Activities adults and children can do together to teach reading.  This is the Pre-school through 2nd Grade site.

Reading Is Fundamental

“Reading Planet” has stories and games for parents and children to do together.  Also, there are suggestions for how parents can motivate children to read.

Reading Rockets

        Articles, tip sheets, and lists of books and authors for parents and teachers.

Read Books Online!

Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project

        Complete texts of more than 200 books for children of all ages.  The text can be customized to fit the needs of each reader.

Between the Lions: Get Wild about Reading!

A web site for adults and children to use together as they read stories, play games, and sing songs.

Children’s Storybooks Online

        Stories for young children, older children, and teens to read online.

International Children’s Digital Library
Look up books by many topics and choose from many languages.  For both young and old children.

Learn to Read

Beginning readers stories at several different levels.