“Suffering Under a Great Injustice” Ansel Adams’s Photographs of Japanese-Americ
To see selected photographs, click on “Collection Highlights.”
A Cybrary of the Holocaust, Remember.org
Click on the link to Auschwitz under the heading “Camps.” 
Adolph Hitler with Conspiracy Links
This site describes plots to assassinate Hitler.
Alan Turing Scrapbook – Second World War
“Critical Cryptanalysis.” Code breaking at Bletchley Park where the Enigma code was broken.
Cryptology: Navajo Code Talkers in World War II
This site is a fact sheet from the Department of the Navy. There is a link to the Navajo Code Talker Dictionary.
French Resistance: Index
This site includes men and women of the French resistance and secret service and information on secret organizations.
Last Expression: Art from Auschwitz
Drawings from the people of Auschwitz. Click on “Search Art” and then “Themes.” Also, included are essays, interviews, and virtual tours. 
Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online
This section describes resistance and rescue efforts. 
The History Place
Scroll down to the section on Nazis, and click on “The Rise of Hiter” and “The Triumph of Hitler.”
The History Place – Hitler Youth
This is a complete history in 5 chapters. There are sound bites of the Hitler youth anthem and Hitler’s speeches.
The History Place – Holocaust Timeline
The timeline covers 1933 to 1945. There are many links to more information, for example, statistics on the holocaust.
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
Scroll down to the essays on Auschwitz death camp.
WW II Codes and Ciphers
Pages describe how the Enigma code breaker worked. Also, the German Lorenz cipher and how it was broken by the Colossus.