What is Lunch Bunch?

  • Lunch Bunch is a time for students to meet in small groups with the school counselor over their lunch time.  Each day there will be a topic to be discussed by group members.  Often times this topic of conversation will be an extension of what students are learning in classroom guidance.

Who can join Lunch Bunch?

  • Anyone, grades 2-5, can join Lunch Bunch!  Only 6-7 students from each grade level meet at a time.  Anyone who signs up will get the opportunity to participate.

Where is Lunch Bunch?

  • Lunch Bunch is held in the counselor’s office.  Students go to the cafeteria to get their food, like they normally would do, then take their tray back to the counseling office.  Mrs. Schulte will meet students at the cafeteria every day to remind them.

When is Lunch Bunch?

  • Lunch Bunch is Monday-Thursday.  Lunch Bunch times are as follows:
  • 2nd Grade-Monday 11:15-11:40
  • 3rd Grade-Tuesday 11:36-12:01
  • 4th Grade-Wednesday 11:48-12:13
  • 5th Grade-Thursday 11:53-12:18

Why Lunch Bunch?

  • Lunch Bunch is a great extension of classroom guidance.  Possible topics include:  Friendship, Respect, Following Rules, Study Skills, Manners, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance, Decision Making, Social Skills, Transitions, Character Education, Safety Education, Citizenship, Bullying, and more!

How can I join Lunch Bunch?

  • To join Lunch Bunch all students need to do is sign up for in their classroom when the sign up sheet is handed out to the teachers students can sign up and Mrs. Schulte will create a schedule. If students are absent the day of their lunch bunch, they will be added to another group.