Rector’s Student and Classroom Expectations

If you need additional help I am available before or after school (7:45-8:00am and 3:15-3:45pm) or during seminar, if these times do not work please let me know and we can schedule a time that will.  I would encourage you to contact me if you have any questions at 394-3101 ext 1113 or email

I will be using google classroom, please be sure to sign on and check for assignments/announcements daily;

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Biology uw18514

Marine Science

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Physical Science vcvmgoa

Student and Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Here, attendance is important. Class Work Policy; I provide opportunities for you to retake/redo assessments. I have a retake policy in place that requires you to fill out a form, correct your answers, complete any missing work, and meet with me prior to retaking your material.  I will set due dates for each assignment and you will be instructed to turn it into the classroom basket or Google classroom.  If the assignment is not turned in on time, you will receive a missing included “MI” in the grade book until you do so.  YOU are responsible for getting makeup work that you may have missed during your absence; use the course Google classroom and look in the classroom file folders for worksheets.


  1. Be On Time, this means in your seat, materials out and ready to work at the beginning of class.


  1. Be Prepared, bring all materials to class each day (textbook, 1 -2 inch binder, planner, pen/pencil). If you need to leave class repeatedly to collect materials, you will receive a tardy unexcused. The temperature in the classroom fluctuates so dress accordingly.


  1. Be Attentive, listen and follow directions the first time. SAFETY is always important, especially in a science classroom. HORSEPLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED


  1. Be Respectful, Disruptive behaviors such as; leaving/entering the room repeatedly, repeated use of electronic devices, harassment, derogatory remarks made to other students or instructor, or any other behavior deemed disruptive will result in the removal of the student from the class. I will follow student handbook disciplinary guideline for disruptive behavior.


  1. Electronic Devices, Take your Ear Buds/Headphones off and put them away when you enter the classroom. You also need to silence and store your Cell Phones until needed for class.  I will follow student handbook guidelines for the inappropriate use of cell phones in the classroom.


  1. Clean up your area. If you are not sure how to clean or dispose of materials please ask.  No soda or energy drinks allowed in the classroom.


  1. Substitute teacher policy: The rule is simple-the substitute teacher is in charge and has the final say.  You are to follow their instructions, even if it varies from the normal routine.  If your name is written down for ANY negative reason, a detention will be assigned. 


  1. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Loaning (sharing) or copying (plagiarizing) your work is cheating.  Everyone involved will receive the same disciplinary action. I will follow student handbook guidelines for cheating.


  1. I reserve the right to alter these policies to meet changes in the school policy or our classroom.