Assignments are in reverse order (newest on top).



11/19 Work on filling out a 2nd job application in PEN.

11/18 Notes over how to go get a job application.  Begin filling out a job application in pencil.

11/17 Finish yellow pages phone book activity.

11/14 Begin yellow pages phone book activity.

11/13 Notes about where you can look for jobs.

11/12 First day stuff.


11/11 TEST financial literacy.  Last day.  🙁

11/10 DARCIE ARNOLD guest speaker.

11/7 Review sheet over Financial literacy stuff.

11/6 JEFF ERICKSON guest speaker.

11/5 BANK guest speakers.

11/4 Answer questions (worksheet) about Jane’s checking account.

11/3 Jane’s checking account register.

10/31 Debit card terms–handout and go over.

10/30 Credit card terms.  (worksheet/packet)

10/29 Finish budget worksheet.  Credit cards–what they are, how they work.  Worksheet about credit card offers.

10/28 “Grown-up”  Budget worksheet.  Did not finish, will finish in class tomorrow.

10/27 Worksheet about money, PBS website, using I-pads.

10/24 Lock Down.

10/23 TEST over employability.

10/22 Jeopardy review.

10/21 How to quit your job and ask about a raise notes.   Review sheet.

10/20 Professional email notes (brainstorm on the board).  Worksheet 1 together.  Worksheet 2 on your own.

10/17 “Prezi” notes about calling in sick, dependability, etc…

10/16 What makes a good employee?  Brainstorm on the board.  Go through worksheet 1 together.  Do worksheet 2 on your own.

10/13 through 10/15  Interview movie.  Interview questions and booklet.

10/9 through 10/10 Fill out a job application, first in pencil, then in pen.

10/8 How to get a job application notes.

10/7 (teacher gone) Word find.  Make sentences including the vocab words on the back.

10/1-10/6 Notes over Yellow Pages, and using them to look for jobs.  JOB ppt_Where do you find a job  Assignment about using yellow pages to look for places you can apply.  phone book activity sheet

9/30 First day stuff with 7S homeroom.


9/29 TEST over Financial Literacy stuff.  🙂  Last day.  🙁


9/25 GUEST SPEAKER- how to fill out W-4’s.


9/23 GUEST SPEAKER–insurance

9/22 YOUR SURVEYS ARE DUE!  FINISH Jane’s account worksheets (2).

9/19 Debit card terms handout.  Go over.  Start debit account worksheet (Jane’s account.)

9/18 Hand out credit card survey.  Ask at least 10 people.  (teachers count!) 🙂  DUE ON MONDAY!  Worksheet over credit card “fine print.”

9/17 Credit card notes.  notes over loan types  Credit card offers worksheet.

9/16 Ethical dilemmas.

9/ 15 TEACHER ABSENT.  Crossword–financial terms.

9/12 Budget worksheet (using adult debts, such as rent, car payments, etc.)

9/11 PBSKIDS.ORG financial information website/worksheet.

9/10 TEST over employability.

9/9 Review sheet–Employability.

9/8 Notes about how to ask for a raise and how to quit.

9/5 Brainstorm how to make a professional email.  Worksheet 1 together.  Worksheet 2 as homework.

9/4 PREZI notes about dependability, calling in sick, etc.  Worksheets 1 & 2 about good and bad behavior.

9/3 What makes a good employee?  Brainstorm.

9/2 Answer 7 interview questions in the “booklet” we made.

8/29 GONE on Field Trip

8/28 Watch short “how to answer interview questions” movie.

8/27 Fill out the job application in PEN.

8/26 Continue to fill out the Job Application together.

8/25 Notes over going to get a Job Application.   notes JOB APPLICATIONS  Start to fill out a job application, using pencil.

8/22-8/25 *Notes over Yellow Pages, and using them to look for jobs.  JOB ppt_Where do you find a job  Assignment about using yellow pages to look for places you can apply.  phone book activity sheet