3/30  Followup to survey!  https://docs.google.com/a/mepoedu.org/forms/d/1W2NW3wTWpj4vJiJrq2XTwXyA5_BNlpSLNUernP3wxGw/viewform?usp=send_form



5/1 Finish Haiti movie.  “Differentiation” project–choose one of the four options to use the vocab words from this unit in a creative way.

4/29 Movie over Haiti and their extremely destructive earthquake.

4/27 Earthquake notes  notes earthquakes, crossword, and “reading for understanding” form.

4/23 Yellowstone article–research CNN article.  Make a Public Service Announcement—the volcano is about to blow!  🙂  (IMPROV!  DRAMA!  LAUGHTER!)

4/21 Dante’s peak.

4/17 Volcano notes.  notes Volcano notes   Dante’s Peak with question sheet.

4/15  Notes over plate tectonics (clozed notes).  Notes Plate boundaries only spring 2015 CLOZED NOTES small font for printing  Playdoh boundaries–email the pics.  Short internet research about actual boundaries, like Iceland….

4/13  (Teacher absent.)  Pre-test over plate tectonics.  2 Plate Tectonics videos, and plate tectonics notesheet with book questions at the end.

4/9 Test over weather, and crossword over plate tectonics.

4/7 Grudgeball review for test.

4/1 Review sheet over weather.

3/30 Climate Change notes (handout).  Make a LARGE climate change concept map, using poster paper and your table pods.

3/26  Finish the Hurricane Katrina movie.  Then….

Please give me feedback on my teaching by filling out the following survey.



3/24 Hurricane notes.  Inside Hurricane Katrina (National Geographic) movie with movie fact sheet.

3/20 Water Cycle drawing/notes on board.  Make your own 3D water cycle with a partner.

3/18 (Teacher gone–sick child) Handout the Thunderstorm Life Cycle notes.  Read Sections 13.1 and 13.2 and do questions 2 & 3, pg 333; questions 1, 3, 4 pg 340; and questions 1, 6, 9, 19, 23 pages 356-357

3/16 Finish the Storm Chasers videos.

Thurs 3/12 TEST over the solar system, stars, the sun, and galaxies.

Tues 3/10 Grudgeball review

Thurs 3/5 NO SCHOOL-State Basketball

2/27 Cosmology notesheet-find the answers in Chapter 31 and fill in the blanks.  Hand out the review sheet.

2/25 Finish presentations and Sun notes.  Do questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 8-10, 15, 21, 22 pages 830-831.

2/23 Finish presentations (for people absent on 2/19 due to wrestling or other…) …..LET OUT EARLY DUE TO NO POWER

2/19 Star Life Cycle PRESENTATIONS!  Show us your lovely work.  🙂

2/17 Star Life Cycle project work day.  Due next time.

2/13 Telescope bubble sheet (fill in with facts).  Star Life Cycle project-begin.

2/11 Planet worksheet with Scavenger Hunt.

2/9 Notes about the formation of our solar system.  Early Earth notesheet.

2/5 More time for packet.  Find an article on the internet about a “habitable” planet being found.  Write a 1 paragraph summary of the article.  Packet and Paragraph/Article are due Monday 2/9.

2/3  TEST over Moon and Seasons and “Can other Planets and/or their moons support life” packet.  (teacher absent)


1/28 Seasons notes.  Do Book questions:

Q 1 & 2, page 757

Q 1 through 4, page 767

Q 6, 11, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 pages 772-773


1/26  Eclipses and phases.  Notes, worksheet and activity.

1/22 Discovery Channel show, “When NASA left Earth”–Apollo 11.  2 paragraph reflection.

1/20 Bill Nye Moon movie.  Moon Crossword.

1/16 First day stuff and Textbook Scavenger Hunt worksheet.