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MEDIAPOLIS, IOWA — The Mediapolis Community School District Board of Education has named Adam Magliari as the district’s next superintendent.

Magliari previously served as high school principal in Keokuk CSD, where he facilitated efforts such as the building leadership team and data-driven curriculum implementation. Previously, he was vice
principal of Keokuk Middle School after serving as an elementary and secondary teacher for 11 years.

In his eight years as a school administrator, Magliari has focused on investing in all stakeholders to strengthen student outcomes by building a collaborative vision to inspire educators to work together toward building and district goals. Magliari holds an education specialist degree from the University of
Northern Iowa and is anticipating an Ed.D. degree this year.

“My family is excited to join the Mediapolis CSD and help drive their mission of challenging each individual to strive for excellence and to become a lifelong learner,” said Magliari. “As superintendent, I will continue to invest in our students, community, and staff to ensure continued growth and success.
Mediapolis is an incredibly prideful community; I vow to be present, listen, and build a collective vision for our students and our community’s future together.”

Mediapolis School Board President John Witte says “When our Superintendent Greg Ray announced his retirement, the board knew we had a lot of work ahead of us and we now congratulate the community, the school staff, Grundmeyer Leader Services, and the excellent finalists for the position. I am thankful to
everyone involved for the hard work, reflection, and exploration of everything involved with filling the position. Mr. Magliari is passionate about education, our school, and our community. We look forward to working with him as he accepts our invitation to join us.”

Board members worked with Grundmeyer Leader Services to conduct the search. The board and stakeholder interview teams conducted final interviews with each of the three superintendent finalists on Wednesday, January 18.

Magliari will begin leading the Mediapolis Community School District effective July 1, 2023.